Anton Stevens

Born and raised in Manchester, Anton Stevens is an important player in the city’s famous club culture. As a DJ, programmer, booker and promoter, Anton works in every aspect of the industry, giving him a full 360-degree perspective on the club’s that Manchester is known, and loved, for.

What do you do for a living?

For a living I run Hidden, which is a very well-known nightclub in Manchester. I look after all the programming, the calendar, as well as our internal and external events program. We also have an external events company that looks after a number of brands.

Are there any words that describe both your occupation and Baracuta’s G9?

Versatile, that’s a really strong word, and active I would say.

How did the G9 jacket come into your life?

I remember my uncle used to have a G9. He would always be wearing it every time I would see him. It's the kind of memory that I've always had, when I think back and I think of seeing him and seeing him come into the room, he would always be wearing the same jacket. I think he had one in every colour, so it’s a very personal family memory.

Do you think the G9 has been relevant in the music industry?

I think it's incredibly relevant. There are certain styles that never go out of fashion. I feel like most people believe and conceive for themselves, you know, through vintage wear and looking into the past of things that have worked for being the embodiment of what was popular at certain periods. Certain things will always come back into fashion, I don't think the G9 has ever left that circuit. I think it's a staple really for most people who have taken an interest in fashion to always have one of these in their wardrobe.

When I think of the G9 in music, growing up there was obviously Blur and Oasis, I was surrounded by all of that growing up in the ‘90s, you couldn't escape the sound of those albums playing at the time. When I think about the music videos that went along with them and the shots and you see of them in the press, they would always be wearing their G9s. That's something I'll always remember.

As the G9 and music are quite prevalent in the UK, how would you describe Britishness?

My idea of Britishness comes from experience of being a Mancunian and what I have here in Manchester, my own upbringing, my own education, my own family, my friends. The way things are blended together in terms of the different cultures, the different interests, the musical history. That for me is what Britishness means.

The ‘90s, the relation between music and everything that makes this city world famous, that was my upbringing, from both my parents and from my own experiences coming through, that was something which has always been important to me, and it still is now. This is the reason why I'm in this business and the reason why music is one of my main passions. That's tied into what I was given just by being born here, because Manchester's known for that internationally.

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