Bring Life to your Outfit with Baracuta Knitwear

Baracuta is famously known for its rainwear garments like the G9, G4 and G12. However, our knitwear section is full of pieces which are perfect to wear for any occasion. We constantly pay attention to the quality of fabrics and workmanship of our garments, so sourcing the best materials is very important to us as a brand. Through our garments, whether it be our jackets or all of our knitwear, we want to make something that is meaningful and possible to pass onto future generations. Our range of knitwear is more than just pieces of clothing - they hold the memories, values and experiences of the wearer, turning them into story-telling artefacts. Also because of the fact that we take our inspiration from Preppy Ivy League style, paying close attention to matching them according to colours and details, making them as authentic as possible. Even though these high-quality knitwear pieces are made today, they can still tell stories of the past. 

Our knitwear selection is vast and new pieces and colours are updated each season, adding an element of surprise to every collection. You can choose between a selection of shirts, long and short sleeved polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, jumpers, hoodies and overshirts. 

To this day we always try to pay tribute to our British-American roots through the style of clothing we produce. For example, our varsity styled jumpers and cardigans are inspired by Ivy League students and our polo shirts and shirts came to fruition with the Mod style in mind, where they would wear them under their G9 or G4 Jackets. This way Baracuta can supply all the trends from our brand history. Trends that continue to be at the forefront of style to this day. If that’s not your thing and you like to express your own personal style without following any trends, Baracuta knitwear can help you out. There’s something for everyone. Dress yourself up with our shirt collection or head out in the warm weather in our selection of polos and t-shirts. You can also wrap yourself up in our cardigans, jumpers or overshirts. Diversity at its finest and perfect to layer with your G9, G4, G12 or any of our rainwear pieces. If you feel like you struggle to put the perfect Ivy League look together you should check out the book “Take Ivy” by T. Hayashida where you will see many students in their natural habitat back in the Ivy League days.