The G9 Colour Wheel

Everyone and their mother have heard the words “Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket”. If not, they must be living under a rock! The oh-so-iconic garment, known around the world as the Harrington Jacket, has become the embodiment of eternal legends and subcultures, bringing together those such as Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper among other countless a-list celebs who have been known to wear Baracuta’s G9 icon in their daily lives and on the big screen! Not to mention the love Ivy Leaguers showed the Harrington Jacket after seeing their favourite celebs rocking it, causing it to be a key piece in Preppy style. Crossing over into the subcultures of British Mods, punks, skas and skinheads, the G9 Harrington Jacket has been a constant piece, representing elegance, rebellion, affiliation, style and freedom while keeping its authentic charm.

The G9 jacket is the first of its kind, which is why it is called “The One and Only Harrington Jacket”. To achieve such an iconic jacket a lot of thought, craftsmanship and expertise went into its creation. Although Baracuta was founded in 1937, the founders of Baracuta had been in the rainwear industry as far back as 1912. The Millers were a family of highly skilled craftsmen and have made rainwear pieces for many brands before finally deciding to create a company they can pour their passion into. Thus, Baracuta was born! Years passed since its creation yet the G9’s very essence remained unchanged. Society changed, people changed, trends changed, but the G9 remained a constant, like it has to this very day.

Although Baracuta started off with a few staple colours which are cherished to this very day, the British brand was very forward thinking in terms of how it can express its inclusivity towards its community - by expanding its colour range! Colour is used as a tool to convey a person’s personality, to evoke feelings and emotions. It is the first thing that people notice about someone, and it leaves a lasting impression on those around you.

To this day Baracuta’s G9 Harrington Jacket has come out in a kaleidoscope of colours, materials and patterns, from bright summery pinks, light blues, reds and yellows to darker greens, browns and blacks allowing Baracuta People a wider selection to choose from. We have seen the vast differences of our community based on the colours, patterns and materials they choose, however despite these differences, the Baracuta People community are united by their love for an immortal legend, the G9 Harrington Jacket.

Whether you have a G9 Harrington or are eyeing up a particular colour, here's a list of our top favourite colours and what each colour says about you:
• Black: You like to play on the safe side, you’re sophisticated, stylish and love the classics.
• Dark Navy: You’re known to be a serious, trustworthy person and to have impeccable style.
• Navy: Independence is something that sets your soul on fire.
• Racing Green: You’re very compassionate and know how to remain calm when things get heated, or else you have been watching too many Martin Freeman films!
• Army: You are a lover of some alone time due to your introverted energy.
• Mist: You’re a legend like our boy Steeve McQueen.
• Tangerine: You’re the wittiest of the bunch, full of positive vibes and love being spontaneous.
• Dark Turquoise: People love chilling out with you as you bring such zen energy.
• Flamingo: The romantic, loving one! You’re very charming just like our G9.
• Tan: You’re all about stability, people love having you around to feel grounded.
• Fiery Red: You scream passion and you’ve definitely watched James Dean’s film, “Rebel Without a Cause”, one too many times.
• Natural: You are full of wisdom and trust, you love the simplicity of life, either that or you’re a huge Daniel Craig fan!
• Beech: You’re all about compassion, whether it be for others or for nature.

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