Baracuta: Why we collaborate with brands

Over the years Baracuta has collaborated with some of the most creative, influential, popular brands and people in the world to create unique limited edition capsule collections. Baracuta’s ethos has always been about telling stories through creations. Our heritage, our roots, and the people we have met along the way are very important to us as they have helped shape who we are in today’s modern world.

Let’s talk about the backstory that led to Baracuta’s first collaboration. When Baracuta was founded in 1937, so too was the G9 Harrington Jacket which is one of its most iconic jacket silhouettes of all time throughout the world. So much so that many brands have since copied its shape and design. The inspiration that led to the creation of the G9 was in fact the game of golf! The founders of Baracuta (the Miller Brothers), had a lightbulb moment during a game at their local golfclub in rainy Manchester. Their fellow golfers were struggling with their swing due to the minimal movement they had in their rain jackets. The brothers got down to business to create the perfect golf jacket which featured key characteristics to facilitate golfers while also keeping them dry. Characteristics like the front diagonal pockets which can hold two golf balls, also the extra space to allow for a comfortable swing, and the umbrella back yoke which conducts rain away from the wearer, for example. Baracuta’s link to golf is no secret. 

Baracuta could see the amazing benefits of linking up with influential people and brands, mainly through community involvement. So, in 1970, one of the world’s most talented and famous golfers, Arnold Palmer, was first to collaborate with Baracuta on a limited-edition capsule collection, featuring a line of jackets. These jackets were signed by Arnold Palmer himself, making the jackets a true collector’s piece. The collection was an immediate success, and here at Baracuta, we felt privileged to be able to create something so special with someone so talented, to our ever-growing community.

Collaborating means a great deal to us here at Baracuta. Meeting and working together with these creative people and brands help us to tell a story through Baracuta and its link with the collaborators. Collaborating helps consumers find interesting brands, voices, talents, art, and ways of life. There is no better way to be innovative than to sit down in a room with the creative team behind a brand or sometimes with the sole principal creator and bounce ideas off each other. Ideas of how the new pieces will be designed and of course, ideas on how to represent the personalities of both parties in these pieces. We are a brand who appreciates the world of music and art and being able to portray this through our pieces means a lot to us and to our customers. We had a collaboration with Mr. Slowboy, an artist and fashion illustrator, who got his paintbrushes out and splattered paint on our G9 Harrington Jacket as well as other pieces in the capsule collection, giving our garments a touch of his artistic and creative personality. 

In the following years, Baracuta has had many diverse and impressive collaborations, a practice that continues to the present day. Here’s a quick synopsis of the brands and people we have partnered with. Let’s start with Magnum Photos, founded by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour. Based in NYC, Magnum Photos is one of the most renowned photo agencies in the world. This collaboration was unique and unforgettable! Magnum Photos set out to tell the story of the G9 Jacket by Baracuta - otherwise known as the Harrington Jacket. The partnership was a visual photo and video exhibition portraying stars like James Dean in Times Square – a known Baracuta supporter.

Our partnership with Italian brand M1992 kicked off with an event in the Baracuta Milanese store. The collection focused on both brands link to urban wear. Our collab with Engineered Garments by Daiki Suzuki brought a new variation of our G9 and G4 jackets. Sebago, the illustrious footwear brand, partnered with us and we focused on recreating their Sebago Moccasin model ‘Dan Citysides’ and the Boat Shoe model ‘Portland Docksides’ as well as our long-established G9 Harrington Jacket, keeping characteristics of both brands intact, like our Fraser Tartan. The co-branding details also feature the logos of both Baracuta and Sebago, printed in golden lettering on the inner lining. 

Another iconic collaboration was with Vault by Vans - another legendary footwear brand. The two brands came together for the first time to release footwear and apparel. Baracuta’s iconic Fraser Tartan was featured in three pairs of Vans: The Old Skool™ VLT, the SK8-Hi® VLT LX and the Slip-On VLT LX. The brands also worked on a Baracuta jacket, among other garments, featuring Vans’ famous checked print for the lining alongside our Fraser Tartan.

 Brands like Watanabe, A Bathing Ape, Stussy, Beams+, Ships, Barneys NYC, The Soloist, Atelier Repairs, Mastermind, Mr. Porter, Byborre, Wacko Maria, Palace, Needles, and Noah also added to our success story, working together to make pure art through designs, to tell a story and to bring something new and unique to our communities.

 One of the most incredible and unforgettable partnerships we have had here at Baracuta was with Jaguar in “The Next Classic Guide”. A project with the aim of understanding what tomorrow we will call "a classic". Jaguar and Baracuta created two bespoke icons: a custom-made Jaguar E-PACE with Baracuta characteristics throughout and a limited-edition G9 Harrington featuring Jaguar’s logo. A cross-continental trip began in the search of unique places, styles, trends alongside some of the world’s biggest creators and personalities which gave an up-to-date take on Jaguar’s and Baracuta’s presence in today’s ever expanding global culture. The 8-month trip around Europe ended in Milan for the “Next Classic Experience” event where people could admire both the customized Jaguar x Baracuta E-PACE car and the Baracuta x Jaguar limited edition G9 Harrington Jacket. The event and collaboration were an immense success, getting global recognition from journalists, influencers, content creators, magazines and newspapers.

Here at Baracuta we plan to always be open to future partnerships.
We believe in connection, in collaboration and in delivering the fruit of these connections to our customers whom we hold dear. Our long-term goal is to tell the story of brands who have similar interests, ethos, and morals as we do, while also showing how creative we are. We want to encourage you, a key member of our community to get out there, wearing whatever Baracuta piece you may have in your wardrobe and make connections too! Remember to have fun! Be creative and artistic. Show us how you can connect in your Baracuta!