Baracuta’s Authentic VS Regular fit: who’s the real winner?

Did you know that within our range of jackets we have two fit styles? Our Baracuta Jackets come in an Authentic and a Regular Fit, but the question that’s on everybody’s lips is, “what’s the difference?”. Well, let us take you on a journey. When the Miller Brothers created their jackets, they only had one fit type. Baracuta’s first jacket, the G9, was made to allow for extra movement - especially for golfers. However, after WP Lavori in Corso acquired the brand in 2012, the G9 was slightly modified to be slimmer. Soon after, a G9 model from Baracuta’s archives was uncovered which more relaxed and spacious and was the inspiration behind the Baracuta G9 Archive Jacket. Considering there were now two different fits in the collection, a name had to be found for them. So, the Regular Fit and Authentic Fit were born! Today, many types of Baracuta Jackets come in Regular and Authentic fit.

Let’s chat about the Authentic fit. It’s a silhouette designed for those who prefer a more relaxed, laid-back look. It’s a fit that gives you a lot more room and space, meaning you can add thicker layers underneath if desired. Regarding sizing, there’s absolutely no need to size up in Authentic fit jackets - your usual size will be perfect. Which brings us onto our Regular Fit - it's ideal for people who prefer the more fitted look without feeling constricted in anyway. It’s snugger on the body, not as baggy and again, regarding sizing, go for your usual size. 

Let’s talk about how to understand which fit to choose for your Baracuta jackets. It’s pretty simple. Think about how you normally dress. Do you find yourself wearing over-sized pieces more than fitted? Or vice versa? If you are looking for something more comfortable or baggy, we would suggest getting the Authentic fit instead of going up a size in the Regular fit. The Authentic fit is made in a way that fits like a glove while being visually oversized, giving you a lot of extra room. Whereas, if you size up in a Regular fit jacket, it will be noticeable that the jacket doesn’t fit well. The same if you size down in an Authentic fit jacket, it won’t fit as well as a Regular fit would. We recommend going for one or the other instead of sizing up or down.

Which fit will you go for? Us? Did you really think we would choose one over the other? All of our Baracuta jackets are precious and perfect to us - we have no preferences as they are all our favourites, so we suggest that you have both in your wardrobe!